Pilot 11

Pilot 11 is available in stores now. Pilot is made possible thanks to grants from OAC and CCA.

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Pilot 11 and Submissions

We are not currently accepting submissions. Thank you for your interest.

We are currently doing lay out and design for Pilot 11. It will feature work by Ningeokuluk Teevee, Celeste Toogood, Kris Bertin, Andrew Moore, Andrew MacDonald, Jessica L. Reid, James O’Brien, Lenore Gusch, Laysa Munaasib, David Burke, Megan Doraty, Seripop, Bryan Belanger, Seth Scriver, Craig Morrison, Danny Christopher, Colleen McKeown, Luke Siemens, Rob Elliot and Karen Justl. Look for it in stores in the spring. You can purchase a subscription to this magazine here or to Pilot and two other great magazines, Feathertale and Carousel, from In Print.

Pilot 2.0 Goes Live!

Pilot’s new site goes live! New online shop coming soon!

Pilot 10

Join us August 23 at LE Gallery for the launch of Pilot 10, Death in the City. Curated by guest editor Amanda Nedham, Pilot X includes art by: Jennie SuddickJamiyla LoweLisa NeighbourJulia MartinBrendan George KoTristram LansdowneLuke PainterAlex McLeodLuke SiemensDerek LiddingtonDan RoccaBraden Labonte, and Amanda Nedham. Each copy comes with an 17 inch square poster by Derek Liddington. Pilot 10 includes writing by Amanda Nedham, Kathleen MacFarlane, Julia Martin, Kris Bertin, Lee Sheppard, Edward Brown, Dipika Mukherjee and Kathryn Mockler.

Art is still up at Victory Cafe

Art from the Pilot 9 launch party is still up on the second floor of The Victory Café. Go check it out or look at reproductions of the work on our Subscriptions and Art Sales page.

Pilot 9 Launch Party

Join us for the Pilot 9 launch party.

April 22nd, 2012
5:30 PM
The Victory Cafe, 581 Markham St., Toronto, ON
See event on Facebook

Pilot 9 – Now Available

Pilot 9 is coming to your door or to a fine bookstore near you.

Pilot 9 features: Crystal Johansson, Lindsay Zier-Vogel, Bryan Belanger, Dipika Mukherjee, Fiona Smyth, Vanessa Gonzales, Misanthrope Specialty Co., Lee Sheppard, Tyler Bright Hilton, John Mavin, Alan Ho, Steve Noyes, Michael DeForge, Reuben McLaughlin, Nik Dudukovic, Amanda Nedham, Tiffany Maggio, Danny Christopher, Robert DiPardo, Craig Morrison, Polly Atkin, Kevin McBride, Archibald Alexander, Colleen McKeown, and Sarah Gignac

Pilot 8 Available Now!

Seth Scriver, illustrator and designers of this issue’s cover, and Shayne Ehman are raising money to finish their animated film, Asphalt Watches. Check out the incentives they offer. Our favourite is the “ZEN Special”.

Pilot 8 features: Misanthrope Specialty Co., Kris Bertin, Seripop, Patrick Kyle, Jamiyla Lowe, Karen Stephano, Craig Morrison, KG Shea, Bryan Belanger, Danny Sedore, Lee Sheppard, Reuben McLaughlin, Karen Justl, Mather Firth, Elahzar Rao, David Munro, Jim Nason, Christopher Martin, Seth Scriver and Shayne Ehman.

Congratulations to all Contest Winners

Check out the Pilot Contest page to link to stories by our winners. Congratulations to our grand prize winner, Farida Samerkhanova.